In today’s world, the probability of meeting someone who has a tattoo is very high. From teenagers to young adults, they get tattoos for different reasons.

The tattoo business has bloomed like never before, and the tattoo removal shops are also blooming. There are various methods of removing tattoos. We shall discuss the newest and best tattoo removal method- the picosure removal method. 

It is an advanced technology. It is gaining fast recognition because the process is quick and safe. Here is all you need to know about the procedure

What is picosure tattoo removal?

Picosure is the future of tattoo removal using Pico waves. It delivers laser energy in picoseconds energy to the ink, which breaks down the ink particles. The body’s defense mechanism then disintegrates the broken-down ink particles. This method is FDA- approved. It is a systematic breakdown process that targets one layer of the skin at a time.

Why is picosure the best option?

As the name suggests, it releases energy in one picosecond. Therefore, it is the fastest energy-releasing technology for tattoo removal. This reduces the heat produced by the device. Less heat on the skin reduces the risk of inflammation, scarring, and burns. Picosure lasers sessions last for ten to fifteen minutes. 

How does picosure work?

Picosure uses short pulse energy of different wavelengths (532nm, 735nm, or 1064nm) to break down the ink particles. The ink breaks down into tiny particles that the body can engulf and destroy. The pulse use is 100 times smaller than those produced by the regular q-lasers. This promotes the efficiency and cleanliness of the process. This is also why it can remove most colors, unlike the traditional beams. 

How much pain is involved?

The procedure is relatively smooth. The area is numbed, and a cooling agent is present to reverse inflammation. It is an effective method that comes with minimal discomfort. This method comes with the least pain, and it involves fewer sessions than regular beams. The pain involved lasts as long as the procedure.

How many sessions do I need?

With picosure, the number of sessions depends on the type of ink, the location, and the size of the tattoos. The rate of elimination of ink varies from one person to another. Generally, a person may need about three or five sessions. Between each session is about six weeks to give the skin ample time to regenerate.

What it covers, and what it does not?

Unlike regular laser beams that do not remove colored inks, picosure breaks down ink of whatever color. If you want to remove a very colorful tattoo, then picosure got you covered. However, picosure laser is not safe on the lips and eyelids. With picosure lasers, you are sure to get clear skin despite the ink’s color.

After the procedure, it is necessary to take care of the site to avoid bleeding, scratching, and infection. Here are a few tips:

Keep the area dry and free from moisture. When water comes in contact with the site, use a cotton ball and wipe gently to absorb all the water on the wound’s surface.

Refrain from scratching or picking the scab at the site. Instead, get a coolant like an ice pack. You could also get topicals that reduce inflammation and rub it onto the surface. This cools the skin and relieves irritation.

Avoid direct contact with the sun. If you must be under the sun, you need sunblock to prevent irritation. Also, stay away from soaking in tubs. A shower is the best choice until the skin completely heals.

Life can be hard sometimes, and it gets worse if you have to live with an ugly ink or something that reminds you of what you wish to forget. Removing tattoos comes with a lot of fear for many people. They are scared of being disfigured and looking ugly.

In reality, everyone wants to be beautiful. This is where Picosure comes in. Picosure lasers deliver microbursts of energy to the skin, and this causes the ink to break down. The ink’s breakdown is gradual and follows a natural process of lightening pigmentation. This process ensures that you have the tattoos removed in little time at a reasonable price.

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