How to Remove A Tattoo Naturally At Home

Getting some ink on your skin is an important decision. The desire to remove tattoos is one that should not be taken with levity. The process of tattooing involves the deposition of ink in the inner layer of the skin. This singular fact has led to the belief that removing a tattoo is an impossible job.

Removing a tattoo is a delicate process that requires skill and some fundamental understanding of how things work. Getting your tattoo removed at home is not a safe practice, and this could lead to several complications.

I would advise about abandoning the thought of removing your tattoo at home. If you are adamant about removing the tattoo at home, these are things you ought to know.

The Use of concealer

Concealers are the easiest way to hide your tattoos at home. It is a temporary solution to the problem. However, when properly applied, it could fool even the keenest eyes to believe that your skin is flawless.

This method is perfect for small tattoos. A concealer with the same color as your skin is the best option. Use two fingers to get the concealer and rub it directly on the tattoo. Cover the tattoo and the surrounding environment with the concealer.

Make sure it is evenly spread. After a successful application, the tattooed area has the same shade as the rest of the skin. This method holds no negative consequence. The tattooed skin does not peel or turn red; it remains intact. This may not seem like a remedy, but I assure you that it does come quite handy in emergencies.

The Use of Salt

There is this notion that soaking the tattoo in saltwater gets rid of it. Salt contains sodium (a base) and chlorine ( an acid). People who adopt this method fail to realize that the ink is in the dermis of the skin. The saltwater can only affect the epidermis but will not affect the dermis.

For a new tattoo, the saltwater will not remove the in; the saltwater will displace it. After a while, the tattoo looks smudged. There is a procedure called salabrasion. It involves scrubbing the tattooed area with salt. Scrubbing the skin with salt will not remove the tattoos. It will lead to burns, rashes, and scars.

Consult your doctor if rashes and burns appear. They will prescribe ointments the cool the area and reduce pain. The use of salt to scrub a tattoo is quite painful. It can cause severe damage to the skin.

The Use of Aloe Vera For Removing Tattoo naturally

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that is rich in vitamins that promote health and a fine skin. A mixture of Aloe Vera, yogurt, and salt is the perfect combination to deal with tattoos.

This works better for fresh tattoos. The first step is to wash, rinse and dry the surface of the skin. You can apply the paste several times a day to promote absorption.

This therapy can take a long time. For you to achieve the best result, consistency is the key. You need to be dedicated to the application of this paste.

Over time, the ink fades, and it is not very visible. For an old tattoo, this method may not be efficient. If I had to choose any remedy, I would choose this one. The ingredients promote the skin’s vitality; it reduces the risk of scars, burns, and rashes.

Make A Mixture of Lemon Juice and Salt at home

The juice squeezed from lemons is acidic; lemons contain natural acid. The use of lemon juice for the removal of a tattoo is because it contains acids. The lemon juice is extracted, and salt is added to form a thick paste. You can apply this lemon mixture to the tattoo several times a day.

The acid in this mixture break-down the particles of the ink after the skin absorbs it. This removal method can cause redness and scarring of the skin. The acids are quite potent. Although total removal is not guaranteed, the fading of the ink is a high probability. It works better if the tattoo is fairly new.

The Use of Chemical Peels

Some online stores sell chemical peels. It is a pack that you can use on your own. The common chemical is TCA, an acidic compound that will peel the top layer of the skin. This method is not the best because you do not have 100% knowledge of what you are applying to the skin.

Most of these chemicals come with unpleasant side effects.  These chemical peels are not safe. They may trigger an allergic reaction; burns, scars, redness, and swelling are the usual effects of these peels. FDA has not approved their use; hence they could be quite dangerous.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams seem to be the new craze in the market. Many people are embracing it because it is cheap. You could use it wherever you are. It saves you numerous trips with the needles at the tattoo clinic. These creams are made of acids, which have cumulative side effects.

The active ingredients are not approved for use for tattoo removal. This cream is applied to the surface of the skin: meanwhile, the ink is in the inner layer of the skin. The efficiency and safety of tattoo removal creams are in question. Tattoo removal creams will leave scars on the skin. It is not a permanent solution to eradicate tattoos. 

If you want your tattoos permanently gone, then you should try the laser tattoo removal method

The use of natural products to remove tattoos is not completely efficient. It also depends on the age of the tattoo. These natural ingredients cause the tattoos to fade gradually, making the ink less obvious. It is a better choice than salabrasion or using chemicals. The application of harsh products on the skin will do more harm than good. These natural products supply nutrients to the skin while gradually causing it to become brighter.

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