How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost

We have not all made good choices in our life. The same applies to getting tattoos. At the point of getting a tattoo, it is all excitement and euphoria till those words or images on our skin loses significance to us. Imagine having the name of your lover tattooed on your skin as a sign of commitment, then your love is thrown into the trash.

Many factors are responsible for the change of heart in having a specific tattoo on the body. Tattoos were labeled as permanent in the past. That has proven to be untrue because there are several methods to expel ink from the skin. You can remove whatever inscription or graphics that you no longer find its significance.

When you make up your mind to remove tattoos, bear in mind that removal costs more than drawing. The process of creating a tattoo is a one-day event. On the other hand, eradicating tattoos is a gradual process that may take years depending on the complexity of the tattoo.

This article aims to shine a light on important factors that affect the cost of tattoo removal. These factors will guide your decision making on removing tattoos.

Cost Depends on Size of Your Tattoo

A small tattoo takes a short period to remove. A few sessions, maybe two is sufficient to clean the skin. Each session is not time-consuming. It may take about five to 10 minutes depending on the procedure. The cost of removing small tattoos is an average of $150. Removing large tattoos takes a longer time and longer sessions. This might cost from $600-$1,000. Getting a tattoo costs less because it consumes less time. For a large tattoo, you might have five sessions. The interval between each session is about four to six weeks to maximize healing of the skin.

Ink Color (Colour Tattoos cost more money)

Ink color plays a fundamental role in the determination of the cost of tattoo removal. Black ink is very easy to remove. It takes few sessions to get rid of it. For colors like red, orange, and blue, these tattoos require specialization and specification.

These colors are quite difficult to expunge from the skin. You spend more on sessions, but you realize the colors are still there, so disheartening! Picosure tattoo removal is the only way to remove these bright colors. It is also a fast method. It uses picowaves that interacts directly with the particles of the ink.


The tattoos’ location on the body also affects the time it will take to remove it. The longer the time, the more you have to pay for the process. Tattoos on the arms, back, and face are easier to remove: the removal process takes less time. They respond to treatment faster. Tattoos on the hands, feet, or legs take more sessions to eradicate. They typically do not respond well to treatment. This leads to more time spent and more money. 

The Number of Sessions

The number of sessions cannot be categorically determined. An average is what the professionals tell you. It may take more or take fewer sessions. A scale called the Kirby-Desai Scale is used to analyze the tattoo to determine the number of sessions you are most likely to have. An estimate of the number of sessions helps you prepare financially to go through the process without having to stop halfway. This scale considers the following factors:

  • The type and color of skin
  • The color and intensity of ink
  • The position of the tattoo
  • The tattoo layering
  • Scars on the skin

The Facility 

Another factor that influences the cost of tattoo removal is the facility. A small cosmetic shop will cost less than a clinic that has professionals. More shops are being set-up due to the widespread of tattoos to meet the needs of the people. The following categories of facilities vary in their rate.

  • Tattoo shops: Tattoo shops deal with tattoos. They are often price-friendly. There is lots of competition because they are quite a number of them. They usually charge about $350
  • Spa: Some spas provide tattoo removal services. They are more expensive than tattoo shops but less expensive than a dermatologist.
  • Dermatologists: These are professionals who study the skin as a branch of medicine. They are the most expensive option. They follow steps to make sure the procedure is safe. They charge about $200-$2,000 per session.
  • Tattoo clinics: Tattoo clinics are private practices that specialize in creating and removing tattoos. They are less expensive than spas but a little more expensive than tattoo shops.

The procedure (Advance Tattoo Removal Methods costs more)

Several procedures are employed in removing tattoos. New methods have been discovered that make tattoo removal easy, neat, and safe. The procedure you pick may determine the price you pay for tattoo removal. Here are a few tattoo removal procedures:

  • Dermabrasion: Dermabrasion is a tattoo removal method that uses a grinder to peel off the outer part of the skin; thus removing the tattoo in the process. This process is very painful, and an open wound is left afterward. The risk of scaring is high with this method. This method can be done for as low as $100.
  • Surgical excision: Surgical excision is best suited for small tattoos. The inked area is cut-out, and the surrounding skin is sutured together. A large tattoo cannot be removed with this method. Surgeries can cost up to $700.
  • Laser beams: Laser beams uses light waves to break down the ink on the skin. The body is then able to ingest the ink and destroy it. This method does not work for colored tattoos. It may be as much as $1000.
  • Chemical removal: This method uses chemicals to eradicate ink from the skin. An acid is used to remove the skin together with the ink. The chemical may have adverse effects in the future. This method is as cheap as $150.
  • Picosure method: this method uses small concentrated waves to break down the ink. It breaks down any color of ink. The ink is then engulfed by phagocytes. It is a fast method and reduces the risk of scaring. The cost maybe around $900.

The cost of removing tattoos depends on many factors as we have discussed above. Equip yourself with adequate knowledge. This to avoid choosing a cheap method that will have grave consequences on your skin and health.

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