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Kurt Wiscombe Tattoos for the Individual

Tattoos                    Fine Art

Kurt Wiscombe

Tattooing is an art form that is always evolving, as a tattooist Kurt is constantly striving to further refine his skills. From an artistic standpoint Kurt enjoys the unique nature of tattooing as an art medium, to Kurt tattooing is more than just applying pictures to skin, it is an opportunity to work on a three-dimensional canvas that lives and moves, this is something that is unique in tattooing and Kurt approaches every tattoo with this in mind. One of the things that Kurt loves the most about tattooing is working closely with people to share something that he feels very passionate about ,”it’s a huge compliment when someone wants to wear something that you’ve created on their skin for the rest of their days!”In more recent years Kurt’s art has extended beyond tattooing into the realm of fine art. Through painting and other mediums Kurt has discovered what he considers to be his true voice as an artist. At present Kurt is working to create a series of “Death Art”, mostly images of skulls, bones and obscure symbolism, to Kurt these things are talismans that resonate of lives once lived. Though Kurt feels that his paintings carry a message, he prefers to leave the interpretation up to the viewer “people see what they want to see, I’m just happy when they take a moment to look at my work.”