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Conrad Berglund Portrait


Conrad Berglund

Conrad Berglund first became involved with tattooing in 2001. Originally from Vancouver Island, tattooing led him to Alberta, where he worked on and off again tattooing at various shops, he put in a solid six years of tattooing in that time period the last three of which he spent at Soul Case Tattoo in Sylvan Lake. In September of 2012 Conrad came to work with us here at Tattoos for the Individual in Winnipeg. Conrad enjoys working in just about any style of tattooing, big or small, and loves the challenge of coming up with new, fresh ideas, and working with clients to make unique one of a kind tattoos. His goal in tattooing is to do large body work, sleeves, backs, etc… Aside from tattooing, Conrad is a painter who studied fine arts at North Island College on Vancouver Island. When painting, he mainly working in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Conrad is constantly working to expand his knowledge in all areas of his art through travelling, meeting and working with other artists and trying new things. In August of 2014 Conrad went back to Vancouver Island. He is currently working at Vancouver Island Tattoo in Cumberland B.C.