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Alex Adams in her studio, Jan. 2012(reduced)Tattoos                    Fine Art

Alex Adams

Alex Adams is a multi faceted artist who has found in tattooing the means to achieve a unique interpretation of an ancient art form. Alex first became interested in tattooing in the early 1990′s. Fascinated by the art form itself and its rich cultural history she was compelled to learn more about it. This led her to the 1993 Montreal Tattoo Expo, where she met aspiring tattoo artist, Kurt Wiscombe. In early 1994 Alex and Kurt decided to hook up and Kurt began teaching her the techniques and basics of tattooing. Alex’s approach to tattooing is unique in that she combines the idea of pointillism with various other influences. These influences range widely, from wildlife art such as animal portraiture, to medieval textile and wrought ironwork patterns. In other areas of her art Alex draws inspiration from various classical genres such as the Italian and European Renaissance, and the Pre-Raphaelite movement, as well she names a wide range of artists who have inspired her from Raphael to Paul Booth and many in between. Her interest in these areas has helped to shape her unique style.

Check out Alex’s Website to see her amazing art…

Alex is currently taking an extended hiatus from tattooing to focus on her painting, check out what she is working on at Skull and Bones Gallery.

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