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Adrienne Traviss

Adrienne TravissAdrienne started out her art career as a painter. She studied drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and design in Toronto, Canada and later studied drawing at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.
She finds drawing and painting to be a means of creative expression, and tattooing is no exception.
She is drawn to tattooing not only for the artistic possibilities but also for the interesting connection between the artist and client. “Every client is a person who is uniquely themselves which is one of the things that makes each day in the studio unique and interesting.”
For Adrienne, being able to create art for people and learn the stories and motivations behind getting tattooed is a blessing and an inspiration.
In her words, “The process of being tattooed can teach a person a lot about themselves and it’s inspiring to witness that process. I’ve certainly learned a lot from the people I’ve tattooed. The reasons for being tattooed vary as much as the subject matter a person desires to wear. For some people tattoos can be an instrument for personal growth, a way to reclaim ones personal history and move forward with conviction. For others it’s a way to celebrate or pay respect to the people or ideas that are most important to them. They can be intimate and personal or a bold public statement. What ever the motivation and style of the tattoo, it’s something that must be earned, not simply purchased. “
As an artist in tattooing, Adrienne’s goal is to be a part of a tradition that reaches across every culture in the world, spanning thousands of years. She feels fortunate to be able to spend her time creating something that lasts a lifetime and can mean so much to the person who wears it.
“I’m grateful to my clients for the opportunity to tattoo them. I’m also grateful to work along side the other artists who never fail to amaze me.”